Popular PanX Use cases

DMLM Distortion Prediction

PanX is Accurate

This validation case demonstrates PanX accuracy on a printed component as compared to surface scan data.

This model runs in 36 minutes on an 8 core laptop, and uses only 56GB of RAM.

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Build Line Prediction

Velo Heat Exchanger

This part exhibits several severe build lines on the front lip of the inlet. PanX captures both the build lines on the front lip, as well as the distinctive kinks in the supports

Small Feature Stress Prediction

Capture Stress concentrations

PanX multi-grid allows the simulation to capture extremely fine features and which ones are highly stressed during the build

Ultra Large Simulation

PanX can Simulate Any Geomety

PanX multi-grid allows allows geometry such as our "Instant Regret" heat exchanger to simulate in a few days on consumer grade hardware - a feat that would not be possible running legacy simulations on a super-computer

Down to the Last Detail

PanX multi-grid enables the solver to capture not only bulk deformation, but small detail such as shrink lines and waviness within the heat exchanger fins.

6-Axis DED Crack Mitigation

6-Axis DED

PanX generates the mesh for 2.5 and 6-axis DED simulation directly from the laser toolpath

User controls whether individual scans, or larger blocks of material are added during each timestep

Ti-6Al-4V impeller deposited using a laser-hotwire DED system. Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin.
Ti-6Al-4V impeller deposited using a laser-hotwire DED system. Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Ti-6AL-4V Impeller

For this case, PanX was used to evaluate stress level response due to several design and fixturing changes to reduce cracking.

Each run solved in 30 minutes on a 48 core PC and only used 19GB of ram

Excerpt from TechConnect 2023 - Full presentation available here

Large Format DED Distortion and Stress

Easy DED Meshing

PanX generates the FEA mesh directly from the DED toolpath

Distortion Prediction

This is a 2.65m x 1.7m DED panel, that PanX meshed with 4.1 million nodes was simulated in 2.4hr on an 48 core pc and only required 71GB of RAM.

Crack Assessment

PanX predicts the high levels of stress due to the DED build process, correlating extremely well with all of the locations that cracked during the build.

Image courtesy of Ankit Aerospace and Sciaky Inc.

Excerpt from full presentation available here

Eliminating Hardware Bottlenecks

Laptop Warriors

PanX is so efficient that almost any model that could be solved in legacy codes using optimal hardware, can now run on a decent laptop

This heat exchanger is included with our solver install. This run has 2.6 million elements, solves in 2 hours on an 8 core laptop and only required 31GB of Ram!

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